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Awning Windows

Awning windows provide functionality and at the same time integrate perfectly as an element of the overall home design. Awning windows open from the lower base, allowing air to pass freely into the home.

One advantage of the awning window is that when opened the window acts as a canopy to keep rain out. Loyal Seal offers Awning Windows in single, stacked or side-by-side styles. Loyal Seal also feature unique design and planning necessary to keep awning windows functioning without a flaw.

Awning Windows Features

Fusion-welded frame and sash corners add strength and prevent air infiltration.
Separated multi-chambered design gives better insulation value, greater strength, better drainage and prevents condensation.
Triple co-extruded weather-strip sealing system.
Top-mounted sash hinge allows 45° opening from bottom.
Interior glazing system with co-extruded flexible seal on sash eliminates leaks.
Drainage channels located in front of exterior weather stripping sash so they don’t spoil view from interior.
Removable overlap internal screen allows for easy cleaning.
Double multi-point locking system creates a tight seal providing greater security.
3/4” insulated double-strength glass with ultra dual warm edge seal for optimal energy efficiency.
Truth MaximTM system hardware gives years of smooth, reliable opening and closing.

Glazing Options

It has been said that windows are the eyes of the home, giving occupants the opportunity to bring the outdoors into their home. Although natural daylight and scenic views add beauty to your indoor environment, this allows the harsh elements to enter as well. From blistering heat to frigid cold your windows could expose you to higher energy costs and damaging UV exposure. In-efficient windows can add 30 to 40% to your yearly heating and cooling costs. Our insulated line of glazing options will allow you to prevent any extra costs occuring from your windows.

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Double Pane – double strength glass is standard in our insulated units along with Low-e 2 and Super Spacer all certified and Energy Star compliant.

Double-Pane  with i89 Argon Gas. This is an optional upgrade from our standard double-pane glass. It includes the Super Spacer feature.

Double-Pane Laminated glass is produced by bonding a combination of plastic vinyl layers and polyester film between two panes of glass pressed into a single sheet. The third plane of Low-E coated glass completes the sealed unit. Laminated glass provides maximum safety from breakage, sound transmission and blocks 95% of damaging UV rays.

Triple Pane consists of two lites of Low-E coated glass with an interior glass substrate, which creates two insulating chambers. These chambers can be filled with either argon or krypton gas. Triple pane will provide maximum R-values, reduced sound transmission, and 95% UV ray blockage. R6 Full Argon gas. R7.5 Argon and Krypton gas. R9 Full Krypton gas.

Argon Glass

Double-pane windows can be filled with argon gas to help insulate a room and minimize the transfer of heat through the window. Argon Gas is a colourless, odorless gas, that is denser than air thus adding it to the captive air in double-pane windows improves thermal insulation efficiency. Installing argon gas-filled windows can help improve your energy efficiency and lower your home energy costs.

Krypton Glass

Krypton gas is an inert, slow-moving gas that improves thermal performance. Denser than Argon, Krypton gas does an excellent job of preventing heat loss. For maximum efficiency, Krypton is usually used in triple pane windows.

Krypton/Argon Mix Gas

Why choose one? This an optimal combination of Argon/Krypton Mix to increase the energy efficiency of your windows. This combined duo also significantly reduces outside sound, adding to the privacy of your home.


Enhanced Winter Performance


Passive Solar Control Glass


Comfort. Compliance. For All Of Canada


Comfort in all types of weather


Ultimate performance glass

The ultimate glass for comfort at home. Whether it is 20 below or 110 in the shade, you can bring year-round comfort to your home with LoĒ²-272 glass. In winter, LoĒ²-272 reflects heat back into the room. In summer, it rejects the sun’s heat and damaging solar rays. Additionally, it is the clearest, highest performing glass you can buy – without haze or a bluish cast.

Weather will never bother you again, since the LoĒ²-272 coated glass reflects the outside harmful rays back, and keeps the heat indoors. You can see an example of the difference in temperature when using the LoĒ²-272 below.

It’s like an invisible insulation! The insulating value of LoĒ²-272 is nearly double that of an ordinary insulating glass unit, or the equivalent of a quad-glazed window!

LoĒ²-272 even outperforms the tinted glass often used in warm, sunny climates. You see out and the light shines in, with no heavy bronze or smoke-colored tints to darken the personality of your home.

Really, no matter what it is like outside, you can count on LoĒ²-272 glass to comfort you and your loved ones on the inside – all year long.

Energy Star Windows

The tables below outline the ENERGY STAR qualifying levels for each of four climate zones, with Zone A being the warmest and Zone D the coldest.

Zone Heating degree-
day range
Maximum W/m2•K (Btu/hsq. ft.• ° F) SHGC* Minimum ER (dimensionless)
Maximum U-value 2.00 W/m2•K
or 0.35 Btu/hsq. ft.• ° F)
          Windows with sashes and doors Windows without sashes
A ≤ 3500 2.00 (0.35) Any or 17 27
B > 3500 to ≤  5500 1.80 (0.32) Any or 21 31
C > 5500 to ≤  8000 1.60 (0.28) Any or 25 35
D > 8000 1.40 (0.25) Any or 29 39

ENERGY STAR climate zone map for Canada

The efficiency of a windows and doors must take into account the weather conditions. Different climates demand windows with different characteristics, namely expressed in terms of unwanted heat losses (U-Factor) and unwanted heat gains (SHGC).

In cold climates it’s particularly important to use low-E coating glasses to reduce heat losses through the windows.

In hot climates the most important is to use Low E2 glasses to limit solar heat gains (low-E2 glasses are particular efficient in reducing the infrared and some ultraviolet rays, besides being good insulators and transmitters of visible light).

Heating and Cooling Energy Savings

(Percentage of dollars saved over ordinary glass)

Total energy costs (heating+cooling) comparing a clear double-pane glass to LowE2-272 glass for a house with 15% window to wall ratio uniformly distributed on all four side of thehouse. The smaller savingsvalue assumes identical occu-pancy patterns. The largervalue shows the potential sav-ings when the improvement inoccupant comfort is included. Ahome with LowE2-272 can deliverequivalent comfort with a lowerheating setpoint in the winterand a higher cooling setpoint inthe summer.

The Self Cleaning ‘neat’ glass harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier.

Homeowners and builders will enjoy the effects that a little sun, rain and Neat glass brings to windows.

The titanium dioxide layer of Neat glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and causes organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. It works even on cloudy days, as 80% of UV radiation gets through cloud cover. Thus when it rains, the decomposed dirt no longer clings to the glass, easily rinsing away. You can see exactly what we mean in the video below: 

A smoother glass is a cleaner glass, and Neat glass is ultra smooth. A thin layer of silicon dioxide makes Neat glass exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic, much smoother than ordinary hydrophobic glass. This allows water to disperse evenly or “sheet off” and evaporate quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. You can see an example of how this works here:

Safety Glass

Tri-Pane Safe laminated glass is produced by bonding a combination fo plastic vinyl layers and polyester film between two panes of glass pressed into a single sheet. the third pane of glass completes the sealed uni.

It has a look of an ordinary glass, but protects like a shield against impact, forced entry, sun damage and unwanted noise.

Annealed Glass
Ordinary window glss breaks easily producing long, sharp splinters.

Tempered Glass
Shatters completely under higher levels of impact energy, and few pieces remain in the frame.

Laminated Glass
Resists extreme force. Even if it does crack under pressure, it remains intact as glass adheres to the plastic vinyl interlayer.

This glass is specially tinted to give you the privacy you deserve. Add this finish to your glass in order to secure yourself a safe, and private home.

Frosted Glass
Sandblasted Glass
Glue Chip Glass
Delta Glass
Grey Tint Glass
Bronze Tint Glass

A spacer is the component, or piece, used in window manufacturing that separates and seals the two panes of glass in an insulating glass (IG) system. Its intent is to insulate your windows to help maintain an ideal temperature during the seasons you heat or cool your house.

Historically, spacers commonly contained metal, which manufacturers thought provided more durability for their windows. However, what happens with a metal spacer – even one containing aluminum – is that it acts as a conductor. In other words, the metal acts as a catalyst to the very thing it was trying to prevent.

Super Spacer is a true dual seal warm edge spacer system that uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive for its structural seal, backed by a moisture vapor seal. Two seals are better than one – proven by the fact the windows made with Super Spacer last five times longer in durability tests than single-seal units.

Full Metal

With conventional metal spacers, you will see condensation on your window.

Less Metal

Mid-performance spacer systems that still contain metal, improve condensation resistance.

Super Spacer

All-foam dramatically reduces condensation delivering the highest performance in Warm Weather Technology.

Unlike metal spacers, Super Spacer can bounce back when put to the test against winds, temperature fluctuation, rain, snow and UV light. The foam construction of Super Spacer allows it to expand and contract as need, but always return to its original shape. Without Super Spacer’s 100 percent memory formula, windows can eventually crack and lead to seal failure.

The fact that Super Spacer is non-conductive means that it also protects a major household threat: mold. Window condensation can lead to molds that increase the likelihood of allergens, including fungi, viruses and mites that might cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma.

Windows lose and gain heat by conduction, convention, radiation and air leakage. Conduction is the movement of air through a solid material – touch a hot skillet and you feel heat conducted from the stove through the pan. Heat flows through a window in much the same way.

Color Options

Interior Colors



Sand Stone
Charcoal Gray
Dark Bronze


The following color options are available for: 4½ Casement Windows, 4½ Awning Windows, 4½ Low Profile Fixed Windows, and 4½ High Profile Fixed Windows.

Interior Colors



Charcoal Gray


The following color options are available for: 3¼ Heritage Casement Windows, 4½ Awning Windows, 3¼ Heritage High Profile Fixed Windows, and 3¼ Heritage Low Profile Fixed Windows.

Interior Colors



Sand Stone
Charcoal Gray
Dark Bronze


Interior Colors



Sand Stone
Charcoal Gray


Grilles & Dividers

You can make every window and door a masterpiece by customizing it with custom Grille Styles and Divided Lites.


Totally maintenance-free, these grilles are inside the insulated glass. The several profiles, colours and styles available give you a perfect way to add an extra level of decorative detail and styling.


SDL grilles will provide the traditional look of hand crafted windows while maintaining a single sealed glass unit. You can choose from various sizes, patterns and colour options, all designed to enhance the unique style of your home.

A variety of grille types are available to complete the look of your new windows. Ask ask about custom color options.

Internal Grilles

Totally maintenance-free, these grilles are inside the insulated glass. The several profiles, colours and styles available give you a perfect way to add an extra level of decorative detail and styling.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

SDL grilles will provide the traditional look of hand crafted windows while maintaining a single sealed glass unit. You can choose from various sizes, patterns and colour options, all designed to enhance the unique style of your home.

Windows Hardware

The Multi-Point Locking System is secure, with its solid detent you ‘feel’ when the system is locked. The unique design makes the lock Highly Pick-resistant. Homeowners will appreciate the excellent ‘reach out’ capability. No need to fully close the window before locking it, Just close the window within .625″ (15.8mm) and activate the lock handle.

The heart of this system is the ‘progressive’ locking action. The tie bar engages and pulls the lowest lock point first, followed by the remaining keeper(s) in sequence. This effect assures the top lock point on tall units always engages and pulls in, even in less-than-perfect installations.

Hardware Finishes Available

The fold down handle offers a smoother, more contemporary, integrated look when nesting in the operating cover. The system is uniquely designed to prevent handle collapse during operation. The handle itself folds into the base of the handle.

The streamlined design allows for easy screen release without removing the crank handle, and interference with window treatments such as curtains and blinds is severely reduced. The removable cover has remarkable advantages to the homeowner. An integrated snap-fit feature allows faster cover attachment offering a cleaner look, and removes easily for painting and staining of the window.

Windows Accessories

This Window Is Available in 4 Collections

Windows for Home Owners

Modern window design, made using a durable, high performing vinyl material.

The look of traditional hand-crafted windows with the durability of modern vinyl windows.

Windows for Builders

Classic Window Collection in 4.5″ frame size, used in new construction homes.

Heritage Window Collection in 4.5″ frame size, used in new construction homes.

What Customers Say

We were very pleased with the quality, price, and professionalism of Loyal Seal. From our consultant that visited us first to the installer, they were both friendly, helpful, and professional. Work was done within a week of deciding we were using Loyal Seal, which we thought was quick. We would definitely use Loyal Seal again for our next window and door project.
google review Lisa, Toronto, door installation
We were very happy with this company – customer service was efficient and professional, price was fair, and the products we ordered and how they were installed was what we were hoping for. I would recommend this company.
google review Tamara, Mississauga, window-door installation
Very happy with the Window and service. Installed on time with no issues. They took the time to walk us through the mechanics of it and the process to remove the screen.
google review Karen and Steve, Toronto, window installation
We had one of the best experiences as far as an install of 5 windows. The installers where very professonal very neet and clean. 2.5 hours and they where cleaning up and out the door.
google review Richard, Mississauga, window installation

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