How do we get our client contact information?
Potential clients find out about us from printed flyers and magazines, social media, direct marketing, and we have many repeat clients over the years
How long is the company in the business?
Loyal Seal Windows and Doors Inc. is a family owned business established in 2001 that supports local Canadian market
Where is company located?
The head office is located in mid-town Toronto and we hold a license to do windows and doors replacement in the GTA area
What kind of windows do we install?
We install vinyl windows only
What kind of doors we install?
We install steel and fiberglass doors
What kind of porch enclosures we install?
We install aluminum and glass porch enclosures
Where are windows and doors manufactured?
All our material is manufactured by local manufacturers in GTA. Windows and Doors are highly customized product that fits only a specific opening that is different in every house. No material can be re-used for a different house. Once you make a purchase and sign the contract, our quality control manager visits your house to take the production measurements.
Do we have a showroom?
We have a showroom at the manufacturing site, but you will require making an appointment with our representative, since it does not operate on daily basis and there is no drop in possible.
Do we hire contractors or have our own?
All the contractors are our own contractors that work with us on constant basis.
What is the time-frame from signed contract until installation is complete?
It normally takes 3-6 weeks delivery from the date of measurement
Do we have promotions?
Watch for season promotions that become available throughout the year. We also offer the convenience of the online calculator that can provide you with an approximation for your budget
Did we do your neighbours?
Please refer to our online map tool with pins of all the jobs done (Click here)
Where can I find reviews?
The most reliable review platform on any type of renovation is Home Stars. All these clients are verified and confirmed
What is covered by the warranty? Who covers warranty? Who do you call?
You can find all the terms of warranty in the back of your contract. In case of service need, please contact our service department at 416-661-7570 and we will gladly assist you.